Trekking to mount Beluha

Beluha is the highest peak of the Altai mountains. This mount has always been considered sacred.

They say that there are gates to mysterious Shambala somewhere in this area. So you are welcome to a very interesting tour to the foot of this mount and who knows may be you’ll find your Shambala.

The tour lasts: 12 days/11 nights

Tour calendar

  • 04.07.2017 — 15.07.2017        8 vacant places
  • 25.07.2017 — 05.08.2017        8 vacant places
  • 22.08.2017 — 01.09.2017        8 vacant places
  • 13.09.2017 — 24.09.2017       8 vacant places         

The cost of this tour: 30 500 RUB

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We meet you at the airport or at the railwaystationin Barnaul or at the railwaystation, the capital of the Altai region.  After all are gathered we start our way to Tungur, a village from which trekking part begins. During the transfer you can see a lot of interesting places, try some traditional Russian and Altai food.

We spend the night in a house with all the conveniences.


Our trekking begins. Our first test for endurance is Kuzujak pass (1513 metres).  From this pass we descend to the Akkem river (in English «White Water»), where you can refresh yourselves and have a bite. Today we are going to spend the night in tents.

The view from Kuzujak Pass

Day 3

We are walking along the Akkem river. (16 km)

The Akkem River
The first view of Beluha

Day 4

Today we finally get to Akkem lake and see a two-headed Beluha. It's a really spectacular view. Here we make a camp where we spend three nights.

Akkem Lake

Day 5

We leave our backpacks in our camp and go to the foot of Beluha and Rodzevich glacier.

On the way to the foot of Beluha

Day 6

 A radial excursion to mount Ak-kajuk which dominates the Valley of Seven lakes.

Day 7

An excursion to Yarlu valley, which is also called Edelweis valley.

Edelweis Valley

Day 8

We are leaving Akkem valley. Today we are going to get over another pass Kara-Turek (which means Black Heart), 3060 meters, and descend to river Kucherla and then go to Lake Kucherlinskoje.  (17 km)

The Top of Black Heart Pass
The view from the pass

Day 9

We are walking in the direction of Tungur along the Kucherla river. (15 km)

Day 10

 We continue our descending. Today we'll see ancient petroglyths.


Day 11

Our trekking part is coming to the end.  In the afternoon we'll get to the hotel we had the night in on our first day.

Day 12

We are leaving early.  We'll be back in Barnaul at about 9 p.m.

Weather conditions: The weather in the mountains may be very changeable. So, be prepared for any kind of weather: hot, rainy and even snowy (a slight minus might be at night).

This tour goes in a border area, in which special admissions are needed. For foreign citizens the execution of documents takes over two months.

Requirements: This tour doesn't require any special physical streanth. The main thing is to be in good health and not afraid of spending nights in tents and eating food cooked on fire, not having a shower every day.

Necessary equipment:

The cost of the tour includes: three meals a day ( except the first and the last days), all the transfers, overnights in houses and hotels according to the program, 3 saunas, all the excursions.

Extra expences: services offered on bases which are not included in tour cost.