Altai Golden Ring

We invite you to visit a very picturesque part of Russia, the Altai Mountains. Circular route will allow you to visit the most interesting places and see all the variety of Altai nature. During this tour you don't just sit in a car and look through its window. This tour abounds in different excursions, so you walk, participate, learn and try.

The tour lasts: 12 days/11 nights

Tour calendar

  • 18.06.2017 — 29.06.2017        8 vacant places         
  • 02.07.2017 — 13.07.2017        8 vacant places
  • 16.07.2017 — 27.07.2017        8 vacant places
  • 30.07.2017 — 10.08.2017        8 vacant places
  • 13.08.2017 — 24.08.2017        8 vacant places       

The cost of this tour: 64 900 RUB

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Day 1

The first day of our tour we spend in Barnaul. In the morning you are met at the airport and transfered to hotel «Barnaul». The guide leaves you at the hotel and you have some free time.  At 12 all meet at the lobby of the hotel.

Today you have an excursion around Barnaul, during which you have lunch at a cafe. After the excursion you are brought to the hotel and have free time.

Day 2

After breakfast we head for the Altai Republic on a comfortable mini bus. The rode to the final destination for today which is Chemal  is rather long. But you'll have a few active excursions during our ride, so you should wear proper clothes (your guide gives you instructions what clothes to choose for the day in the evening). Also we have a break for lunc in a cafe.  The night is at a hotel (with all the conveniences).

Day 3

In the morning we visit the church on Patmos island and Chemal hydropower station. The night is at a hotel ( with all the conviences).

Patmos Island
Chemal Hydropowerstation

Day 4

Today we continue our journey along Chuiskyi road which is a part of ancient trade route. During it we make stops to see different sights and finally arrive at Uch-Enmek park, which was created to save Karakol valley, sacred for Altai people. In the evening you have a chance to try traditional Altai dishes and have a concert of folklore music. It'll be fun.

Day 5

 After breakfast we have an excursion around Karakol valley during which you learn more about Altai people, their believes and customs. After lunch we say goodbye to this place and go further to the easten border of Altai Republic.

We make stops to see ancient petroglyphs and some other interesting places. Dinner. Sauna. The night is in Mongolian yurtas.


Day 6

 Today we are going to see the world of snow and glaciers, a hidden lake and even Mars landscapes.  Intrigued?   The night is in Mongolian yurtas.

The Bridge across Aktru River
The base « Normand»

Day 7

We continue travelling through Altai. But today it's time to leave Chuiskyi road and head north. The landscapes are constantly changing. On our way we see a lot of different sights. Our destination is Chulyshman valley. This place has been isolated for a long time. That’s why the nature here is still unchanged and undamaged by civilization. We spend the night in a traditional Altai houses, called ails.

Katu-Jaryk Pass to Chulyshman Valley

Day 8

Today you have a short trekking to a waterfall. To get to it first we should cross the Chulyshman river. After this excursion we have dinner and head further. This night we spend on the junction of the Culyshman and the Chulcha rivers. The nighr is in small houses.

Day 9

 Today we are going to visit a wonderful creation of nature – Stone mushrooms. This night we spend in small house or probably in tents.

To visit the mushrooms we have to cross the Chulyshman
Stone Mushrooms

 On the south shore of the lake the scenery is completely different. The night we’ll spend in houses. Dinner. Sauna.

Teletskoje Lake
River Chulyshman at its mouth

Day 10

Today we cross Teletskoe lake on a boat. They say that this lake is a younger brother of Baikal lake. In the north of Teletskoe lake there's a village Artybash. The night is at a hotel (with all the conveniences)

Day 11

After breakfast  we have a long journey back to Barnaul. 

Day 12

After breakfast you have a transfer to the airport.

Weather conditions: The weather in the mountains may be very changeable, especially up in Aktru valley. So, be prepared for hot weather, rain and even snow (a slight minus at night). You should take warm jacket, trousers, cap and gloves.

Requirements: This tour doesn't require any special physical streanth. The main thing is to be in good health and not afraid of spending nights in tents and eating food cooked on fire, not having a shower every day.

Necessary equipment:

The cost of the tour includes: three meals a day ( except the first and the last days), all the transfers, overnights in houses and hotels according to the program, 3 saunas, boats across River Chulyshman and Lake Teletskoe, all the excursions.

Extra expences: services offered on bases which are not included in tour cost.